Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Yes. If you would like a regular weekly or fortnightly service whenever possible we will send the same cleaner. This is better for both the cleaner and for you. We believe that this is the best way to provide the best service. Occasionally we may send a different cleaner due to annual leave or illness. If this is the case you will always be informed in advance.

If the cleaner does not meet your expectations then please call us as soon as possible or simply email us and explain the details. This is important for company feedback as well as your satisfaction. Essex Elite Cleaners & Facilities will organise for a different cleaner to attend with no extra charges.

Just give us a minimum of 24 hours notice. This is usually not a problem. We understand that life and schedules change.

Generally, yes. We make every effort to meet the requirements of our clients. In the majority of cases you can specify the day.

We generally recommend a minimum of 2 hours a week for regular cleaning or ironing, although this does depend on the size of your property. In our experience most flats in Essex will require this if you would like a job well done. For Deep Cleans and End of Tenancy cleaning we recommend at least 3 hours, although this again depends on the size of your property and it might be worth discussing this with us in advance.

We do. The amount will be agreed in advance so there are no surprises. Initially the cleaner should be paid directly in cash and any tips or bonuses should also be paid directly to the cleaner. Once you establish a working relationship and trust most of our cleaners can be paid through online banking.

Please let us know if you have pets when you book and we will find you a cleaner who is happy to work around your animals. Again, this is not usually a problem.

All of our cleaners have to provide Essex Elite Cleaners & Facilities with formal identification, references, and where applicable documentation to support their right to work within the UK. We also personally interview and most importantly train our cleaners ourselves to ensure they meet our exact specifications. All of our cleaners are reliable, punctual and hard working. If you would like to see your cleaners references prior to them attending your home this can be organised upon request.

If your cleaner doesn’t turn up, please contact us immediately. We will ensure that another cleaner can meet your requirements as soon as possible. It is also important for the personal safety of our staff that you contact us if they do not attend.

Yes and no. Where possible we aim to meet your specifications. However, there are some services that will require specific equipment. Generally we do not offer routine carpet washing. If you require this service please contact us in advance. We may ask you to hire a carpet washer if this is possible or we could potentially hire one for you although you would incur additional charges. If you have a specific requirement please email us or call the office and we can discuss it with you in details.

You will need to provide only the hoover and the mop! We will provide everything else, to make sure that the cleaning standard is to your expectation and that's already included in your hourly rate!

Most of our clients either leave keys in a safe place for our cleaners, or once you have established a trusting business relationship many of our long-term customers give our cleaners spare keys. This is obviously at your discretion. Most of our clients have busy schedules and as such give their keys to our cleaners. We provide ourselves on being trustworthy and reliable and above all, it is a company policy to take due care and attention of client property.

It’s up to you! Usually yes. Most clients like to meet their cleaner first. Once we allocate a cleaner, they will call and arrange a meeting at your convenience. Once you are satisfied with your cleaner, you can then mutually arrange a regular clean day and time.

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