Terms & Conditions

Trading Terms and Conditions of EECF LTD for Commercial and Domestic clients

1.This Contract is to run continuously unless terminated by either party giving [For Commercial six calendar months] and [For Domestic 60 days]’ notice in writing. If the Client terminates the contract without proper notice the Client shall be liable to compensate the Company in lieu of such notice.

2.Payment under this contract shall be made against EECF LTD official invoices. All payments should be cleared by 17:00 on the due day, otherwise a standard late fee of £35 will be applied; please be advised that additional charge of 3% per day is applied until the outstanding balance is cleared in full. If any instalment of the Contract price shall not be paid within the time of its due date, the Company reserves the right to suspend work and to claim the full sum for all the work completed to the date of such suspension charging interest on the outstanding sum. Because of this action, the Client shall decide to terminate the contract, The Client shall be liable to compensate the Company for damages for the loss of the Contract by payment of the equivalent of [six calendar months For Commercial] and [60 days For Domestic] cleaning invoices.

3.For a period of twelve months following termination of EECF LTD services the Client shall undertake not to encourage the services of any person who during the term of this Contract has been a EECF LTD subcontractor and/or their employees. Or will result in a finder’s fee of £5000.00 per person.

4.If EECF LTD receives no written notice of any complaint, it shall be assumed for all purposes that the services stipulated in the specification have been performed to the satisfaction of the Client. Any such notice shall be given within 48 hours of the occurrence of the deficiency in the work carried out or the non-attendance of the Company’s subcontractors. Upon receipt of such notice the Company will take all necessary action, without any cost to the Client, to investigate and rectify the complaint.

5.A failure by the Company to perform its obligations under this Contract because of fire, explosion, accident, mechanical breakdown, interruption to the supply of/or materials, epidemic, industrial dispute or any other cause outside the Company’s control will not constitute a breach of the Contract.

6.The Company undertakes to secure insurance cover in respect of the specific services under Public Policies and Employers’ Liability.

7.EECF LTD reserves the right to refuse cleaning any chandeliers with high risk of damage.

8.For End of Tenancy service, please be aware that we carry out the cleaning in accordance with instructions and details agreed at the time of quotation. EECF LTD will not be responsible if the work carried out does not meet third party standards. At the end of service you`ll be asked to sign the check list.

9.INCIDENTS DO HAPPEN! In case of any damage or loss to Client premises or belongings EECF LTD agree to compensate The Client. In case of any claim The Company should receive within 48 hours a written claim ,together with any evidence witch my support the claim and the cost of such damage.

10.The Company shall not be liable for damage to electric light fittings or bulbs, sash cords, burglar or fire alarm fittings or glass already damaged or for damage arising from faulty construction or condition of the premises, unless the Company expressly agrees to accept such liabilities in writing upon the terms to be agreed between the parties.

11.The Client at all times shall ensure that the electrical appliances carrying high voltages shall be switched off or shall be in a safe condition during the whole time that the cleaning is being carried out safe. The Company will observe good practice in accordance with HSE Regulations.

12.The Client shall provide, free of charge, all light, heating, hot water and any other facilities, which may reasonably be required by the Company. The Client shall provide, free of charge, suitable and safe accommodation for such equipment and materials as the Company wishes to leave on the Client’s premises. The Client agree to pay the Company for any loss or damage of any of the equipment or materials while left in their premises.

13.If the Company is prevented by the Client, it’s servants or agents from carrying out its duties it shall be considered as having performed its obligations and the sum due for the current period shall be payable.

14.The Company’s obligation is limited to carrying out the tasks specified in the specification. Verbal agreements shall not form part of the Contract. Any variation in these Condition can be made only by letter from the Registered Head Office of EECF LTD signed by or on behalf of EECF LTD by a duty authorised officer.

15.EEECF LTD reserve the right to assign the benefit and burden of this Contract and the expression” The Company” shall where such assignment has taken place mean EECF LTD assignee. It is further agreed and declared that EECF LTD shall not under any circumstances be responsible for the debts of The Contractor.

16.This agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the law of England & Wales and the parties summit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the High Court in London.